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FiberGel LC

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FiberGel LC® is THE single ingredient solution to replace egg/egg-white, whole or in-part, depending on one’s desired bakery application. As the world’s first FiberColloid™, it can form thermally stable and irreversible gels …just like egg.

Studies included in this download

  1. Effect of citrus FiberGel LC® as an egg white replacer in high ratio white layer cake
    The KSU study performed using an AACCI method showed favorable results using FiberGel LC at levels as high as 75% replacement in egg white.
  2. 50% Egg Reduced Muffin
    Application recipe showing use of FiberGel LC to replace 50% of whole egg powder in a muffin. FiberGel LC provides leavening and structure development through baking as well as moisture management.
  3. Low aW Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie
    AIB sensory and attributes for a low aW Egg-Free soft chocolate chip cookie. Results show no sensory difference vs Control with the benefit of 2-3 times shelf life.
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